'My Own Country' for Man of Metropolis Magazine

Creative Director: Kevin Michael | @michaelkevin

Photographer: Kevin Jude | @kevinjude

Photo Assistant: Nicholas Caiazza | @nickcaiazza

Stylist: Elizabeth Rosenberg | @elizabethrosenbergstyle

Prop Stylist: Mary Arch | @archmary1

Groomer: Marco Campos | @marcocamppos using @caudalie & @bumbleandbumble

Producer: Kelsey Melnick | @kelseymelnick

Location Manager: Lisa Slater | @sl8r_

Model: Daniele Paudice | @paudicedaniele @heroesmodels


Director of Photography: Samuel Phillippe

Camera Operator: Andrew Harless | @harlessphoto

Video Editor: Lauren Pruemer

Special Thanks to @sethtravisusa of @manofmetropolis 


My Own Country